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"Good morning Honored guests, Presidential board, Professors and fellow students - my friends!

I am very proud to be the representative of my university to give my thankful speech.

First and foremost, I would like to thank ASEAN University Network - Quality Assurance (AUN - QA) for recognizing the 04 programs entitled Electronics and Communication Engineering Technology, Thermal Engineering Technology, Machine Manufacturing Technology, and Environmental Engineering Technology of HCM City University of Technology and Education which have been assessed and satisfied the requirement of the AUN – QA standards. This accomplishment is one of the breakthroughs of our university on the way to become a top regional technical university. In fact, to deserve this achievement, HCMUTE has to be constantly changing and enhancing not only teaching methods but also campus appearance. In particular, new approaches are being applied successfully for teaching, learning, and assessment. For instance, E-learning for almost programmes is being strengthened instead of using traditional methods; besides main courses, undergraduates are also taught soft skills. This guarantees students to meet the company's expectation regarding employee's performance. For the university campus, more and more green trees have been cultivated to make the campus both fresh and environment friendly. Also, necessary facilities supporting learning and teaching have been enriched.

Next, I highly appreciate my university's great attempts to have certain achievements in job valuation in order for graduates to easily secure a job and in getting accredited in the whole area. Accordingly, students from HCMUTE are able to seek employment abroad without retraining. Furthermore, the university covers all the best things and fully equipped infrastructure for comprehensively develop in both physical and expertise matters. For instance, it comprises of more than 30 clubs across many fields such as English practices, living skills enhancing, music related club, sports club, martial art club and more. The high-quality library was constructed to cater for undergraduates with self–study rooms, teamwork playgrounds and reading areas. These things help university students refresh after classes and self–fulfill their minds to become a society beneficial civilian.

Last but not least, to all lecturers from all faculties of HCMUTE, I am deeply thankful for the continuous efforts in making us, students, well-educated, not only through the quality of lectures but also through the good facilities for practicum.

After AUN-QA assessment, we, students from HCMUTE are exposed to more opportunities in job hunting. Besides, we also know that it requires us to acquire and upgrade new knowledge every day in long-life learning. Moreover, we have to generate benefits and true values for the society based on what we learned.

Finally, thanks to my professors for giving me this chance to deliver this speech and thanks for your attention."

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